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[24 Oct 2010|10:03am]
has the itch to start writing again, but not in daily updates, lol. i'm hoping we get the internet set up soon so i'll have more time online and i guess then i'll start looking for a game. oh boy...
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[09 Sep 2010|07:42pm]
• queen - you're my best friend
• incubus - echo
• oasis - wonderwall
• metallica - nothing else matters
• bad company - feel like makin' love
• garbage - #1 crush

• berlin - metro
• leonard cohen - i'm your man
• jeff buckley - hallelujah
• tears for fears - shout
• OMD - if you leave
• chris isaak - wicked game
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[07 Sep 2010|03:59pm]

The person who tries to live alone will not succeed as a human being. His heart withers if it does not answer another heart. His mind shrinks away if he hears only the echoes of his own thoughts and finds no inspiration. - Pearl Sydenstricker Buck

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[07 Sep 2010|02:52pm]
i fucking have ~funeral on here and i'm still updating this journal. i must be on crack.

i've also come to accept that there are certain people from your past you'll never be able to ditch completely, no matter how hard you try to get away. it sucks, but what can ya do other than ignore them?
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[01 Sep 2010|01:53pm]
anyplace is where she'll be
anyplace, she'll see you from
lies and secrets become your world
any time, anywhere, she takes me away.
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[18 Oct 2008|11:30am]
My Funeral Services class starts tomorrow. I'm both nervous and excited. This is the first class I've taken in what seems like forever.
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[01 Oct 2008|10:17pm]

I swear she is such a freak.
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[19 Sep 2008|06:55pm]

wow, things are really picking up over here and haven't had a lot of time to get online. work at the pet boutique/supply store/salon is alright some days and miserable other days. so far i've only been working mondays thru fridays because business is slow and the owner keeps talking about how she's going to have to close down the store if she doesn't meet her sales quota at the end of the december. she spends like a mo-fo and she keeps bringing new items into the store so it feel like business is good, but she keeps making these casual comments. the last thing i need is another job of mine to go out of business. :\

haven't started demoing for dad yet. right now there's only 6 hours a week available (at $12/hr woohoo) and i don't know if he;s procrastinating on getting my work information sent in or if he's waiting on me. hopefully i'll be able to get at least 12 hours a work for demoing because then i wouldn't need to go back to off broadway for the extra cash.

yeah, i asked if i could go back to work at the shoe store and the new boss said she'd have to see if she would be able to fit me in. i haven't even been gone for 3 weeks and i'm missing it. one girl quit this week so that gives me a better shot but i need to find out what's going on with demoing before i decide to take the offer if it's given to me.

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[03 Sep 2008|05:51pm]
ooooo this is a crazy and exciting month for tv shows.

spn 4 starts soon! i'm seriously going to have a heart attack.
spn 3 on dvd!
smallville 7 on dvd!
the office 4 on dvd!

i'm going to have such a large ass at the end of the month because i'm going to be sitting in front of my television so often.

oh, & ROGER ♥'s MARIETTA. :)
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[17 Aug 2008|11:47am]

i like the font i have my notepad set at so i'm going to write an entry. i like looking at this font. :p

friday was my last day at the coffee shop since it's closing. i'm turning in my notice at the shoe store and i'm only going to be working about 18 hours this week. it's the closest thing to a vacation i can get right now. i start my new job on saturday and i only have to go in for about five hours to train and see how things are done at the pet shop. it's a cute little place.

i'm going to be a doggy dentist at this new job. i'm going to be getting between $25-$50 a dog which is about an hour of work. i'm excited and i'll be even more excited when i find a training school for it near sacramento. sylvia (dad's fiancee is canada) has a school in canada she charges $20,000 for but my new boss doesn't think getting the education from her in canada will help me down here. i'm bummed.

time for pizza!

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[09 Aug 2008|10:43pm]

staring next week i'll be back to working 45 hours per week. our district at off broadway shoes just put through this requirements of no less than 12 hours and 3 shifts per week. i really want to quit but i can't until i talk to my dad and get an exact date on when i can start doing demos for him. hopefully it'll be around the start of september because i start my funeral services class in october and won't be able to handle that much work.

the coffee shop i'm at is probably going to be closing unless the original owner decides to convert it back to a coffee/sandwich shop. luckily i have two job offers on the table but i'm not certain on the hours, schedule or pay. that's another thing i need to run past my dad and i should have done it already but i've been lazy. hopefully i'll be able to get the pay/hours/schedule i want from this lady millie and if so, i'll definitely be able to quit the shoe store. she owns a pet store so it would be a welcome change.

yay for new henry pictures. those seriously made my entire week.

i need to find out how to get a hold of victoria's secret stuff at wholesale prices so i can start up my ebay business for sure. someone made a post about going to the vs outlet stores after getting your resale license because they'll sell you stuff but the closest one to me is near southern california. idk.

i don't know what else to write besides roger & marietta are the cutest things in the whole world. ahem.

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[18 Jul 2008|07:42am]

Not much has been going on so I haven't felt the need to update. But since it's been two weeks since I added something, I figured it was time.

Justin and I sold my truck. I am very fond of this truck 'coz it's 21 years old and it was what he drove when he met. It's been there every day for six years and when I got home from work this morning it'll be gone. At least I'm getting back the $700 I paid Justin for it when I bought it off him. I'm looking forward to making a fat credit card payment. Bye, bye truck. :(

Justin bought a scooter like looks like a little motorcycle. It's really cool and fun to ride. It gets over 70 mpg too and you can legally take it on the freeway.

Can't wait to see The Dark Knight on Sunday! So far on IMDB it has 4,500 votes and a score of 9.7/10. Pretty damn impressive.

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[28 Jun 2008|01:51pm]

Justin hosted a scotch and cigar party last night with a few of his coworkers. It was pretty cool. Everyone wanted to listen to my music so I was happen we didn't have to listen to some goofy stuff. It was in the game room/bar at our house and Justin and Ivor (his boss) made me drink so much. Idk, haha. If you're interested, I have a folder of pictures and three little videos that Odie made > http://download.yousendit.com/9EE7D7E2735A7CD1.

Ireland, it turns out, is going to be "boys only". Ugh. Now Kelli and I have to figure where we're going to take off to while they're gone. Stupid boys. I wanted to look for leprechauns.

Our rent is going up $100 a month because a water meter was installed and because this place is 2 acres, it sucks up water. Netflix is also going up, along with health insurance. And to top it off, tips are going down because we raised our drink prices at work because we're not making enough money. :( I have to sell my truck because of it and that makes me sad. I'm going to miss it!

Oh, Justin also bought a scooter! Haha, it's like a mini motorcycle and it gets 105 miles per gallon! I want one!

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[10 Jun 2008|03:51pm]
I really have nothing to update on but seeing as I haven't posted anything in two weeks, I thought I'd just throw up some random stuff.

• Bullets are great.

• It's so windy here. When the leaves blow around on the street, they smack into your legs and leave them stinging. It's like a dry hurricane or something.

• I may be going to Ireland on vacation. Yeah, pretty damn exciting. And the company isn't bad either.

• Dad's looking for a house to rent or buy. It's fun looking at them.

• Threw up my first RP post is several months. I felt like I hadn't written anything in years.
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[23 May 2008|06:16am]
cut in case of indy spoilersCollapse )
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[18 May 2008|08:47am]

Doing a bullet entry or this thing would be half a mile long with details.

• Dad is back and moved in from Canada. He has a job lead too so he might be getting a house. Exciting.

• Hours and tips are great at the coffee shop. We're talking about opening up for the weekends soon so I'll probably get to decide if I want to work a few extra hours or not. So far I've been paid under the table so I haven't had any taxes taken out. I hope it continues.

• Put in my two-week notice at Off Broadway. After I did, I found out that the company is passing this policy where all employees have to be available to work 15 hours a week at the very least. I was doing only 8 because of my other job and that was too much. There are also sending in another new manager and there's supposed to be a lot of changes to the store. Looks like I'm quitting at the perfect time.

• I'm looking forward to only having one job again! And a real weekend. None of this 6 days a week junk.

• Been over 100° for the past week already and it's only the middle of May. People are saying this is going to be a sweltering summer for Sacramento. :(

Okay, that's all I can think of at the moment. I'll add to this is anything exciting happens.

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[04 May 2008|05:13pm]

Justin and I, along with a few of my co-workers, went and saw Iron Man last night. It was a lot better than I thought it would be and I'm exciting about the scene after the credits. Justin mentioned how Terence Howard's character becomes War Machine so hopefully we'll have two cool comic movies to look forward to.

I've been attacking our ugly, brown backyard and ripping out all of these horrible climbing plants that are taking over and killing everything, including our grass. Our yard and all the structures around are so old and I think it would make an amazing little garden. Now that I'm getting off at noon I'll have some time to tend to it and hopefully soon I'll be posting pictures. :)

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[25 Apr 2008|10:56am]

The new Supernatural episode last night was hilarious. It definitely had a different feel which I was kind of bummed out about because I love the heavier, darker episodes. I sort of feel like it was extremely out of place being that it is the end of the season but I'm just thankful that it's back on television. I can't wait for the next episode when it's back to just Sam and Dean (& Papa Bear!!).

I'm so behind on this season of the Tudors and it's not even funny. I've only gotten through episode two and I was online when I was watching it so that means I was a bit distracted. I need to watch the eps I missed so I can make a lot of pretty Henry icons out of the caps for Kelli and I.

Wells Fargo upped my credit limit again and I wish they hadn't. They raise it like three times a year and it's starting to make me crazy 'coz I already have too much on there!! Yikes! I'm seriously going to give my card to Justin so he'll keep it out of my hands (even though I have been really good since the beginning of the year and haven't used it! I get nervous just looking at it. :x)

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[18 Apr 2008|12:14pm]

Well dad is moving back to California next month. I guess he doesn't want to finish his immigration paperwork 'coz it's been almost two years and he's itching to get back to real work. I told him it's a really crappy time right now to be looking for a job like he's had in the past and the last three positions he was interested in wanted to hire someone who didn't require that high of a salary (dad's last job was a National Sales Manager). He's going to be living with our family friend Jeff until he finds a Condo or apartment that he likes and he'll be close by so that'll be nice. Now that I'm going to be moving to morning shifts, I'll have more time to spend with him.

So the newest girl who's going to be closing down the shop started yesterday. She doesn't have any experience as a Barista so I'm going to have to keep closing until she's fully trained on how to do coffee drinks as well as closing down the store. I had no idea that he had already hired her so this is exciting news.

Kelli has decided to come and visit me! We just need to figure out when would be a good time. Fall would probably be the best time, unless she wants to seesome 105° summers, lmao. I've got a very general schedule planned. San Francisco for China Town, Haigh Ashbury and maybe the Alcatraz tour if it's still going on, Napa Valley for some wine tasting and pretty picture taking, Apple Hill!, probably Lake Tahoe and depending on what time of year, either Six Flags or Great America or something of the sort. There's so much to do around here so it'll be an adventure!

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[15 Apr 2008|01:48pm]

I'm at my new job right now and it's really slow so I'm on the internet in the "office"/storage room. I'm closing the shop down by myself at 4pm and he still hasn't told me what to do about the cash register so I guess I'm just going to leave it. Yesterday we had four people come in after closing time and my boss told me I didn't need to stick around since I was already supposed to be off. He said it isn't normal for that to happen but I'm going to make sure that it doesn't today.

I open on Thursday and in a couple of weeks I'm going to be working regular morning shifts. M-F from 5:45 to noon. Tips are a lot better in the mornings so hopefully I'll be making enough where I can drop a day at the shoe store and be at 38hrs per week.

Sorry for the dull entry. I've got nothing exciting to report on. :O

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